Success Story Marissa

I think I speak for most of the free world when I say that typically, a visit to the dentist is not a joyful thing. I would even venture further to say that many times I have wondered how bad it would really be to just skip that next trip to the dentist… it would surely be painful, he would have the bedside manner of a mortician and finally when it was time to leave I would wonder why I just paid someone to, essentially torture me. Torture is a harsh word, but unfortunately I am unable at the present time to think of anything sweeter. When I first walked into Dr. Greenbaum’s office, the first thing that I noticed was all of the smiles I got. You know the saying, smiles are contagious… it’s true. So far so good. I soon met with Dr. Greenbaum to discuss my smile and quickly forgot that I was speaking with a dentist. That is because when somebody really has a passion for what they do, they don’t even mean to do it but they let you get a glimpse of their world and in Dr. Greenbaum’s world a beautiful smile is truly a work of art that everyone is entitled to. And nothing makes him happier than to create beautiful smiles.

I have been self-conscious about my teeth for most of my life. I’ve had braces, but never wore my retainer afterwards and my teeth shifted again. I started to notice about a year ago that I was making a funny face in pictures. I was subconsciously going to smile wide for the camera but I would quickly purse my lips so as not to show my less than perfect teeth. Wow! I didn’t even realize that I did that for the longest time! But I’m only 25, is it normal for someone my age to do this? Actually, yes! After a really FUN consultation, I set off on my journey for a new smile. Another thing that really impressed me was his staff. I look forward now to my visits so I can talk with these wonderful women. It’s so nice to feel like you are REALLY being taken care of. After a couple of visits to Dr. Greenbaum’s office I have the smile of my dreams and I feel like a million dollars. My smile speaks for itself, but the thing that really makes me feel good is now when I take pictures I look like a completely different person. I am.