Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

Frequently Asked Full Mouth Restoration Questions in Bethesda MD

At Bethesda Center for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we combine art and science to improve the aesthetics, function, and health of your smile. We take meticulous care to rebuild what has been lost due to decay, wear, tooth loss, or bone loss, and restore your smile so that it will last a lifetime.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

Are you suffering from missing, cracked, worn, or chipped teeth? Do these dental issues negatively affect your appearance and overall function and wellbeing? When it comes to the point when all the teeth in your upper and lower jaws need attention, a full mouth reconstruction, also known as a smile makeover, maybe an excellent solution.

What types of treatments comprise a full mouth reconstruction?

We know that every patient is unique, so during your consultation, Dr. Greenbaum examines your oral health, and together, we customize a treatment plan comprised of the best combination of procedures for you. Our full-mouth restoration services include porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, ceramic onlays, dental implants and implant crowns, full arch removable or fixed implant prostheses, partial dentures, and full dentures.

Will I have options?

Absolutely. Once we perform a thorough examination and complete diagnostic tests, Dr. Greenbaum presents a review of your condition and discusses treatment options. We are in no hurry and take informed consent very seriously, so we schedule ample time for patient education. We believe that your thorough understanding is essential to superior oral care.

Why are you uniquely qualified?

Our dental expert, Dr. Greenbaum has over 30 years of experience, and our entire dental team has advanced training. We use our education and experience to tailor your full mouth reconstruction treatment to your needs. Conservative in our approach while providing you with a long-lasting restoration, we are committed to making your journey as efficient, effective, and comfortable as possible. Our patient care and state-of-the-art technology are what sets us apart from all other practices in the Bethesda, MD area.

Are all procedures done in-office?

We aim to provide the highest level of dentistry right here in our office, but sometimes it is crucial to work with other dental specialists to ensure the most comprehensive care possible.

How long does a full mouth reconstruction take?

Excellent question. The length of time it takes to complete a full mouth reconstruction depends on you and your unique situation. Since a series of treatments are usually involved to complete the steps in a full mouth reconstruction, typical timeframes range from a few months to a year. Much depends on the specific procedures involved.  We make a point not to rush through full mouth reconstructions. We take time to listen to you, collaborate with you, help educate you about your condition, offering treatment options, and efficiently providing the utmost care in a comfortable and compassionate environment.

I don’t know if I can afford this. Are payment options available?

Yes! It is our goal to find a combination of treatments that is affordable for you and then provide you with several payment options. We work with your insurance company and also accept CareCredit or BlueSky. We know this is a significant investment, so we go above and beyond to help you navigate insurance benefits, explaining all financing options available, and ensuring you get the care you need.

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