After Arestin

Arestin post-treatment instructions

Once Arestin has been administered, it will continue to fight infection after leaving our dental office. We’ve listed some tips below to ensure your health and help protect the treated sites.

1 week after treatment

  • Do not touch the sites treated with Arestin
  • Do not chew hard, crunchy, or sticky foods (such as carrots, taffy, or gum)

10 days after treatment

  • Do not floss or use other tools to clean between the treated teeth
  • Mild-to-moderate sensitivity; is normal. Please contact our office at Bethesda Office Phone Number 301-530-3600 if you are experiencing severe pain or signs of an allergic reaction (such as itching or swelling)

Keeping up with treatment

  • Scheduling and keeping follow-up visits can help maintain control of periodontal disease