Metal-Free Fillings

Metal Free Filling with Composite Tooth-Colored Fillings

Metal free fillings have been replaced by composite tooth-colored fillings. In the past, cavities were repaired with amalgam fillings. These fillings were obvious; their dark coloring stood out against white tooth enamel. Furthermore, amalgam fillings contain mercury, a hazardous heavy metal. With contemporary dental composite resin, Dr. Greenbaum repairs cavities without metal and mercury. Composite fillings are tinted to blend seamlessly with a tooth’s natural coloring. They are a durable, lasting, safe, and attractive alternative to amalgam fillings.

For your comfort, Dr. Greenbaum uses a hard-tissue dental laser to remove tooth decay. If the vibration, heat, and sound of a dental drill bother you, you’ll love laser dentistry! For small cavities, patients do not need anesthesia. The dental laser is safe and minimally invasive.

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