What Do Dental Implants Cost in Bethesda, MD?

Although more people are getting dental implants every year, many still consider them a new concept. Each year, more than 500,000 new patients get dental implants in the United States. For some patients, the cost of dental implants is a concern. Admittedly, the initial cost of dental implants is higher than an alternative such as dentures. Still, there are several important points to keep in mind that are relevant to the cost and your long-term oral health goals.

The cost of each dental implant procedure varies widely based on the individual’s needs, oral health, and other factors that influence the cost of treatment, including:

  • The expertise required
  • The type of procedure
  • The materials needed
  • Whether you have gum disease
  • If teeth need to be extracted
  • The complexity of the procedure
  • Whether bone grafts are needed
  • Any additional treatments required

Why are Full Mouth Dental Implants So Expensive?

Full-mouth dental implants require more planning, 4-6 implants, and a complex, full-arch dental prosthetic designed to attach seamlessly to your implants. We take additional time to analyze the jawbone and pinpoint the exact placement for each implant to ensure stability for your replacement teeth.

The cost of a custom-designed, full-arch dental prosthetic is greater than that of a dental crown. The full arch is more complex and must comfortably fit not only the dental implants but the gums and surrounding tissues.

Why The Price of Dental Implants is Worth It

When considering the cost of dental implants, weigh the advantages against the cost. Most patients realize that the cost compared to the benefits is low. The many benefits of dental implants make their price worth every penny.

Long Life

Dental implants can last a lifetime, with crowns or restorations lasting 20-30 years. For many people, this means they never have to undergo additional dental procedures, and they do not have to worry about paying for another set just a few years later.

Although dentures are less expensive than dental implants, they do not last as long and need expensive upkeep and care. Even with the best care, your dentures must be repaired and relined every few years and replaced every 5-10 years.

Jawbone Health

Over time, when a tooth is missing, the jawbone deteriorates. Although a denture or bridge may function similarly to a tooth, underneath the surface, the jawbone slowly resorbs, weakening the bone and giving the face a sunken, aged appearance.

Titanium implants placed in the jawbone stimulate bone growth, fusing to the jawbone to strengthen it. The strength and integrity of the jawbone are kept intact so the patient has fewer problems in the future.

Dental implants are made of titanium, which integrates with the jawbone, strengthening it and stimulating bone growth. This preserves the natural strength and quality of the mouth, reducing the chances of problems in the future.

Improved Lifestyle

There is nothing closer to a natural tooth than a dental implant. Patients can enjoy eating their favorite foods and indulge in crunchy, hard snacks without worry. Implants closely resemble natural teeth, including how you care for them. Brush and floss them like natural teeth and see your dentist twice a year.

You can enjoy life without worrying about your dentures shifting, clicking, or pinching when you speak, kiss, or chew foods or gum. Kissing someone or curling up to sleep with them is much more relaxing if you don’t have to worry about slipping dentures or the embarrassment of having to remove your dentures at night.

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How to Understand and Compare Dental Implant Cost Estimates

Getting dental implants requires several steps. We may need to collaborate with an orthodontist or periodontal specialist during treatment. To understand the full cost of your dental implants procedure, be sure to consider the cost of each of these:

Financing Your Dental Implants

Although most insurance providers do not cover the cost of dental implants, this is rapidly changing. Contact your dental insurance provider and ask whether dental implants are covered either fully or in part.

At Bethesda Center for Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, we accept most major credit cards and offer two financing options so our patients do not have to delay getting the dental implants they need and deserve.


GreenSky patient financing allows you to get your dental implants now and pay over time with low or no-cost financing for medical procedures.


Friendly, low-interest monthly payment plans for dental treatments and much more.

Dental Implants are an investment in your health as well as your appearance. A full set of teeth makes eating a pleasure again, making it easier to eat a balanced, healthy diet. A full set of teeth also preserves the contours of the face, keeping you from looking old before your time.

Discuss Dental Implant Costs at Your Consultation

The only way to receive an accurate price quote is to see Dr. Greenbaum or one is his associates. After an oral exam, x-ray, and evaluation of your dental implant needs, we can give you a specific price for your case. Please call our Bethesda Office at Bethesda Office Phone Number 301-530-3600 to schedule your consultation.