What are Dental Implants?

Restoring smiles is Dr. Greenbaum’s passion and dental implants can help patients renew their smile to last a lifetime. These implants are just as strong as natural teeth to withstand eating, drinking and lots of smiling. But, what are dental implants and are they best for you?

Candidates for dental implants are patients that may be missing one or several teeth or suffering from damaged teeth. A dental implant is a 3-part artificial tooth that consists of a titanium screw that we place in your jaw, a crown which is the visible part of the implant, and an abutment that protrudes from the screw and holds the crown in place. This method secures the implants and prevents any chance of slipping when performing everyday activities. Every smile is unique and requires the best attention to detail; because of this, it can take up to 18 months to fully complete a dental implant procedure depending on the needs of each patient. The procedure is painless and most patients return to work the following day after the procedure, however Dr. Greenbaum recommends listening to your body and judging when to return back to work. 

The process for the procedure is easy and Dr. Greenbaum guides you through the steps during your consultation visit. At this first visit, Dr. Greenbaum will asses your overall health as well as do an examination of your jaw to ensure the best options for your dental needs. After the surgery, a follow up appointment will be scheduled so Dr. Greenbaum can expose the dental implants to begin crafting a crown. Dr. Greenbaum is an expert is dental implants, carefully crafting the most natural looking implants possible to best fit your smile.

The aftercare of dental implant surgery isn’t complicated at all; treat your implants as natural teeth by brushing twice daily, flossing once a day and attending checkups and cleanings. Following these oral care tips will help your implants last a lifetime!

If you’re ready to book a dental implant consultation, please reach out to us so Dr. Greenbaum can renew your smile.

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