Holistic Sleep Treatments to Aid Sleep & Dental Health

Holistic sleep treatments can aid in a patient’s overall mental, physical and dental health. While different patients have various dental concerns, such as TMJ and Sleep Apnea, adding holistic treatments with dental treatment can aid in more positive results. For these patients, typically a night mouth guard or sleep apnea device is added to their nightly routine. While these dental products work overnight, it is crucial for the patient to receive the recommended amount of sleep to allow their body to rest and rebuild, which is where added holistic treatment comes in.

There are various holistic treatments a patient can add to help ensure a restful sleep. Incorporating these at home treatments, or routines, will aid with dental treatment. Let’s take a look at the treatments!

Stay hydrated Our bodies are mostly water and replenishing our bodies with consistent water intake has many health benefits. Drinking enough water throughout the day can prevent dehydration headaches, which can interrupt sleep. Drinking chamomile tea or warm milk before bedtime can also help with relaxation and enhance sleep. Chamomile tea has flavonoids that may interact with benzodiazepine receptors in the brain that helps with the transition between wake and sleep. Plus, it’s a delicious treat before bedtime!

Exercise Sometimes it can be a struggle to find the motivation to exercise with lack of sleep, but the benefits of consistent exercise will help contribute to a more restful sleep. Aerobic exercise has scientifically proven to boost slow wave during the sleep cycle, which contributes to deep sleep. However, exercising at the right time of day is crucial, as exercise releases endorphins, the happy chemical. Exercising earlier in the day allows those endorphins to wear off by bedtime and produce deep sleep. Try to avoid exercising within two hours of bedtime to be safe.

Meditation  In a 2015 study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers analyzed how mindfulness meditation affected 49 adults with moderate sleep issues. The participants were randomly assigned 6 weeks of meditation or sleep hygiene education. At the end of the study, the meditation group experienced fewer insomnia symptoms and less daytime fatigue. Mediation helps with patients’ stress response by adding relaxation into a nightly routine. There are dozens of mediation apps for beginners and experts patients can download on their phone to practice, such as 

InSight Timer



Incorporating mediation into a nightly routine can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and calm an overactive mind; all of which could affect sleep and dental health.

Cognitive Therapy This type of therapy can help address sleep patterns and issues, how to cope with a patient’s sleeping habits and help patients learn how to combat intrusive thinking to produce a more restful sleep. Relaxation techniques taught by a professional can promote a thorough sleep cycle, allowing patients to feel less fatigued or exhausted during the day.

These holistic sleep treatments have shown to improve patients’ quality of sleep and can work side by side with their dental treatment to produce positive dental health. Dr. Greenbaum is devoted to helping improve quality of life through dentistry. Snoring and sleep apnea therapy is just one of the ways he provides patients with comprehensive care and healthy, happy smiles.

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